Friday, September 5, 2014

Ten commandment for effective study

The following are tips (based on experience) for an effective study :

1. Always sit on first bench during lectures. The benefit of this are :

  •     You may not get distracted by what others are doing.
  •     You can listen clearly to lecturer.
  •     You cannot sleep!

2. Give importance to studies. It is feature of Human-Brain that whatever things we give importance it remembers clearly. Hence, if you give importance to studies automatically all concepts can be remembered better.

3. Understand the concepts and not just recite it. It becomes interesting to study when concept-oriented technique is used. This helps a lot during aptitude, interview preparation etc.

4. When you sit down to study dissolve yourself completely in it.

5. Speed at which study is done is of great importance. A topic taken for study should be completed within allocated time. For e.g. To complete a chapter maximum time allocated should be five hours or so.

6. Confine yourself to single reference material (preferred is textbooks). If multiple book are referred then chances of confusion are greater.

7. Maintain focus at studies. There might be situations when others might demoralize you. In such situations always believe in Self and to whom you Worship.

8. Study at time that involves less disturbance. For e.g.. For hostel students extreme night or extreme morning is best time to study.

9. Always remember that there is world outside studies. Give time to family, friends and to who you love!

10. Most important is worship. Always worship to Goddess Saraswati (or in whom you believe) because if you are blessed then you might be next Einstein!

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