Tuesday, August 12, 2014


1. "A life without aim is like life without name."

2. "Beauty dulls everyday just like a flower by fraction of second."

3. "Leave each day as if it were last day of your life."

4. "The heart of a devotee is stronger than mind."

5. "The key to happiness is thinking."

6. "Lose everything but never lose your mind."

7. "I wish to remain student throughout life."

8. "If you can fake it then you can make it."

9. "If you ask me to steal something…I'll steal a Person's Mind."

10. "The similarity between intelligent and dumb people is of smile."

11. "If a person stops thinking he starts growing older."

12. "Difficult to get out of loop if the condition is Infinite."

13. "Its very complex to understand working of simple human mind."

14. "One thing that I'm affraid of is wierd mindset."

15. "An unknown person is better than known enemy."

16. "The world is coming to an end soon…"

17. "If the problem is not solved then it is again a problem!"

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